Kinderkare Creche

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This project involved the redevelopment of the existing External Areas at Kinderkare Creche. Great time and effort was spent at the brief development stage in exploring & researching how the physical & psychological development of children can be nurtured in a more fun way in an outdoor setting.

The main elements of the design concept included the provision of a Covered Area /Creative Zone, Dramatic Zone, Natural Zone, Social Zone, Physical Zone, Winding Wheeled Toy Route. The design prioritized the welfare of the children by reclaiming areas previously lost to vehicular circulation and drop off back into children’s use, and by creating a number of activity zones within one overall space that would nurture the holistic development of the children in an outdoor setting all together rather than grouped by age.

The design encouraged the use of readily available and recycled materials including timber tree trunks. The facilities are now almost unrecognisable from that which existed previously. The staff & children along with their parents are now happily reaping the rewards of an exceptional functional design.

This project demonstrates how far Architecture reaches –Architecture isn’t always about walls and roofs –Architecture is in essence the forming, shaping and manipulation of space.