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The challenge was to sensitively accommodate a large new dwelling house on a rural site in a sensitive setting overlooking the banks of the river Shannon adjacent to the remains of an old church structure.

The new dwelling is configured such that the form and mass it presents to the public roadway is sympathetic in scale to that of its adjoining neighbours to the north yet of a strength befitting its location beside the old church ruin to its south. Combined, these give the house a presence and character befitting its scale and setting. The envelope of the house undulates to create visual linkages with the surrounding landscape, to frame views and to capture direct sunlight throughout the day.

The house is set back behind the building line of an old cottage which is being demolished to protect its privacy from the public roadway to the east and to better compliment the building line of the adjoining dwellings to the north. Existing boundaries will remain largely unaltered and existing trees and landscaping are proposed to be retained and augmented where this is possible.

The house design and palette of materials specified comprising of natural slate roofing, natural stone walling and render have been selected to both compliment the form of the house itself aswell as the adjoining dwellings. Planning permission has been successfully secured and construction is hoped to commence shortly.