Summerhill Remodelling

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  • Summerhill Remodeling
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The site is a corner site which straddles two busy public roads with the result of two distinct public facades of equal significance. The need to successfully reorganize the front entrance and make it readily accessible and identifiable. Create private living spaces internally and externally that would take full advantage of the southern orientation of the rear of the house along with the amazing views from the site considering its urban location.

The former entrance opposite St. Patrick’s Hospital was replaced with a new zinc clad signature entrance on the eastern side which is both identifiable and easily accessible from the vehicular entrance. The front sloping roof was extended upwards beyond the old ridge line to filter daylight deep into the house.

A new single storey extension was located to the south/ south east of the original house set at a level 1m below the existing finished floor level. This contains the living spaces and its form and orientation were designed to catch all available sunshine from sunrise to sunset throughout the four seasons.

The extension further shapes the external space and creates a welcoming suntrap all year round. The original structure now contains four bedrooms, bathrooms, an office and circulation space. A small childrens den is located beneath the extended roof within the attic space.